Tree Recycling

We are a district council drop-off point for Christmas tree recycling. Between Christmas Day and 6th January 2024, you can drop your tree off in our farm yard to be collected by the council for composting.

The trees are taken to a local facility – the same place where garden waste goes (brown bin waste). The trees are loaded into large outdoor heaps called Open Windrows and turned regularly. They take eight to ten weeks to break down into compost. The compost is then screened for any contaminates such as plastics and metals and will be graded. Oversized materials are removed and will be put back through the process until they have composted down. This is then sold to local farmers to be spread on farmland.

Alternatively, we would recommend Sue Ryder Care Treecycling, who will collect your tree in return for a charity donation. For booking and more information, please visit their website here.

Christmas Trees