Tree Care

Remember, Christmas trees are (or were) a living thing, so we ask a great deal when we cut them down and bring them into the warm dry atmosphere of our 21st century houses.

The way to get the best out of your tree is to treat it like a cut flower, (no, don’t try and stuff 1/2 a dozen into a vase and stick them on the window sill!)….. water them.

If you are worried about missing out on the best trees and you have a secure garden, you can always choose your tree early, but keep it standing outside with the stem in a bucket of water until you are ready to bring it into the house.

For best results cut ½ an inch off the trunk and keep your tree in a water holding stand, we have a wide selection of stands in our shop.

Keep well away from direct heat, i.e. radiators and fires, dehydration is the emeny. The cooler you can keep it, the longer it will last.

We occasionally find cut trees in our fields in perfect condition as late as Easter. So, turn down the heat and put on your Christmas jumper!

Christmas Trees