Stands, Mistletoe & Wreaths


We offer a wide range of stands for small tabletop trees to heavy duty display trees, in various shapes and sizes to suit all styles and budgets. All our stands hold water to keep your tree refreshed throughout Christmas. We recommend choosing a stand that is one size larger than your tree – this is for stability and safety once your tree is dressed it all its finery!


Mistletoe will be available at the end of November, fresh from the orchards of Hereford.
Sold by the bunch £5.50



Fresh wreaths made and decorated by our wonderful wreath Elves.
10“ Plain Holly £12
12” Plain Fir £12
12” Lux Wreath £36
Door Swags £20

We are also running a WREATH DECORATING WORKSHOP on 12th December 2023. For booking and more information please click here.

WREATH 12inch LUX £36