CHRISTMAS TREES – If you have an enquiry regarding trees, wholesale trees or large display trees please email or call 01491 614079

CHRISTMAS SHOP – Please email for any queries or for anything more urgent please leave a message 01491 614206 and we will return your call as soon as possible.

Please email if you are interested in weekend work and are fit and strong to help with Christmas trees from the end of November to mid December.

Please email if you are interested in retail work in the Christmas Shop.

We start in September unpacking and pricing but take on more Elves once the shop opens. Full or part time work may be available including some weekend work. Wreath making and decorating Elves are also often needed, (this is hard work on the hands!)


Q: Do we rent out Pot-Grown/living trees?
A: We do not offer a ‘Tree Hire’ service.
Q: Do we deliver?
A: Yes we do!
Q: Do we have a cafe?
A: NEW for 2020 – watch this space!… coffee truck talks are in progress!
Q: Do we take credit cards?
A: Yes, most credit / debit cards except American Express.
Q: Do we allow dogs?
A: Dogs are welcome in the area where we sell the trees but not permitted in the Christmas shop unless carried. Apologies for any inconvenience.
Q: Do we have wheelchair access?
A: A wheelchair can reach most parts of the shop and for a more enjoyable experience, we suggest coming during the week as weekends can get very busy. Apologies, but we only have one loo and it is not a disabled loo.

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